The Need For Special Education

Education is the best investment a country can make to get a prosperous future in return. Every country invests a lot of amount in its education sector every year. The attention toward education is increasing day by day. But the topic which is ignored for a long time is special education. It is education formulated in a special way for children with disabilities. Special education is nowadays transformed into inclusive education.

Inclusive education is the form of education in which the needs of all individuals are taken care of. It is becoming a topic of immense importance as the number of children with special needs continues to rise. Creating a safe and secure environment for people with special needs is necessary.

Learning disabilities

When we try to understand these people, one question always comes to our mind, What are learning disabilities?

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Learning disabilities hamper the reading, writing and understanding abilities of an individual. Children with these kinds of disabilities often find it difficult to adjust themselves to the non-disabled children as they are not able to do certain things which can be easily done by their peers. These children are needed to be taught by trained educators who are highly experienced in providing inclusive education. They are needed to be provided with all facilities for their learning.

Benefits of inclusive education

There are numerous benefits of inclusive education. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Encourages interactive learning: If a child is disabled it doesn’t mean that he/she does not have any skills. Inclusive learning facilitates interactive learning between both the disabled and non-disabled. It helps them to learn from each other. Which result helps to develop the quality of collaboration.
  2. Reduces differences: Differences arise due to race, religion, disabilities, and family background. Inclusive learning helps in reducing these differences by overcoming stigmas and letting them interact with each other.
  3. Formation of collective identity: With an atmosphere free from inequality and differences, the children form a collective identity. All students and educators feel that they are a part of a great community.
  4. Working in a team: With inclusive learning, children learn to work in a team. This skill not only helps them in their studies but also their professional careers.


We must understand the difficulties faced by these children and promote special education singapore to help these children. We must also encourage empathy and equal treatment towards these children.