How to find the best private schools in Singapore?

Studying, learning, and working in your life are important aspects of growing into an intelligent human being. Education is very important to turn into a good and knowledgeable person. It helps in developing our understanding of the world.

Every country has its education system, which the people of their country follow and learn. Singapore also has its education system.

What curriculum do Singapore students follow?

  • For the primary school, it has six years
  • For the secondary school it has four to six years
  • The post-secondary school has 1-3 years
  • The students studying from 1st to 4th follows the same curriculum 

Why is Education in Singapore one of the best?

Singapore has one of the best education systems. It is ranked highest by OECD as it provides quality education. The private schools, as well as state schools of Singapore both, have variations in their functions and their curriculum. Singapore’s government spends at least 20% of its budget on the education of the country. The students are mostly instructed in the English Language.

Everyone wants the best for their children, and so some of the best private schools in singapore you can look up to include-

  1. The Insworld Institute– This school offers the best learning courses taught in English for both national and international students. The curriculum is British-based, and the school even prepared its students for future high-level competitive examinations.
  2. Dulwich College– It is one of the leading education states in the country. It teaches the best of skills, values, and ethics to its students. It follows the global approach for kids upto2-18 years of age. The college has one of the largest campuses and is rich in sports, academics, and co-curricular activities. This college has the potential to make its students one of the best in the world.
  3. Spring College International- This school provides you with the best courses if you are willing to take admission in government schools of Singapore. It prepares all its students well for the competition. The school provides two campuses, one in BIsham and the other one in Jurong East.

Education in Singapore is highly successful because it does not follow the conventional education system like other schools. The teaching by the teachers is highly effective, and the results are based on effective learning. The support to the students by the teachers is focused on conceptual understanding, which helps them get the right answers.