Get Licensed For Security Jobs in the UK

The security industry in the United Kingdom is a booming one and there is always a need for professionals in the industry.  If you are interested in this industry, you should not delay to get the right training that will make you employable.  There are many ways to learn about how to work in the security industry in the UK. You can learn a lot online and you can also enroll in a formal institution teaching people how to be productive in the UK security industry. As a trained security personnel, you should be able to work as a door supervisor, close protection officer, safety guard or CCTV operator. There are many institutions set up to train people on how to handle each of these areas.  It is one thing to get trained and another to get licensed. After your training, you will need to obtain the SIA licence before you can get a job.

In the remaining part of this write-up, we will enlighten you about some of the many important things you must know about the license and how to get it.

Important qualification criteria

Before you can apply for the license, you are required to be at least 18 years old. You are required to show evidence of that. The person interested in applying for the license must also have gone for SIA training and must hold a valid training qualification.  Additionally, you must submit the required documents for verifying your identity. Only those that have the right to work in the UK can apply for the SIA licence.  If you meet up to any of the criteria mentioned above, getting the license will not be difficult for you at all.  The security courses will not take a long time too. You can complete many of them within one week. After the training, you will have to sit for exam to determine your knowledge base.

Get Licensed For Security Jobs in the UK

Chose career path carefully

The license can serve you for three years before you will need a renewal.  There are different types of licenses too, depending on the career path you choose.  The various career paths you can consider are:

  • Static security guard
  • Revenue protection
  • Door supervisor
  • Patrol officer
  • Security officer
  • CCTV operator
  • Security concierge
  • Retail security
  • Bodyguard
  • VIP security
  • Nightclub/doorman

 There is a different license for each of the security professions mentioned above.  The particular career you choose will determine the license to apply for.

How to get started

One of the best outlets to visit for reliable license application information in the UK is Get Licensed. This outlet offers updated information that will help you to get it right during the application process. They can also assist you with your search for a course and help you to find the right job for you.