How Can One Get Edutrust Certification?

Any assurance is required in every field, especially education, for maintaining the quality assurance, the edutrust certification scheme for private education institutions in the country.

What Edutrust scheme is?

The scheme isn’t compulsory for everyone to apply as it requires voluntary participation. Under this scheme, private education institutions referred to as PEIs can volunteer themselves to get the certification under the Edutrust scheme. If an institution gets edutrust certified, then the determination between private institutions is more precise based on-

– High standard quality for purveying all educational services is maintained

– Improvements are constant for the welfare of kids

– Monetary health

– Superintendence of the institute

– Evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency by private institutions.

– The process for recruitment is thoroughly evaluated

– Academic Process evaluation along with student assessment

Who is responsible for evaluating PEIs under this scheme?

The whole scheme is evaluated under CPE, a committee for private education in Singapore. The Committee has set certain criteria to be fulfilled by the volunteers applying for the edutrust certification. Based on the performance, the scores for private intuitions are marked.

Criteria set by Committee of a private institution

The Committee has set a format for the evaluation. The scheme has been divided under criteria. After that, it is sub-classified.

  1. To set the course to drive the private institute by the effective leadership comes under the utmost criteria ‘Management Committee and Responsibilities’. The keen focus of the criteria is to evaluate vision, aim, effective planning, and value installation under the effective leadership in the private institution to drive it towards the right direction.
  2. ‘Corporate Governance and Administration’ follows after the first criteria, and under this, the overall communication set of the administration system with both internal and external sources is evaluated.
  3. Staff plays a vital role in the overall development of the institution, and this has been effectively examined under the ‘human Resource Management’ criteria.
  4. ‘Student protection and support service’ examines how the institute interacts with the student and whether they’re driving the child’s future in the right direction. The criteria focus upon fees management and course change during the semester. The mechanism is implemented for effective teaching.
  5. ‘Academic Processes and student assessment’ evaluates whether the institution can implement the level of mechanism so that desired result could be achieved or not.
  6. ‘Quality assurance, monitoring and results’ Implementation of the overall mechanism according to edutrust committee schemes is evaluated under this scheme.

Is the scheme effective?

After gathering information from the stated criteria, one can conclude that if an implementation is done properly, then the working of private institutions could be done effectively, and the scheme will benefit the student in the learning process.