About Career Transformation Through Group Coaching

Individual coaching for things like career, life, and executive coaching may be something you’re familiar with. They are tools that can assist you in achieving clarity and success in both your professional and personal lives and work on work-life balance issues.

Was it ever brought to your attention that group coaching may also be an option for you? Along with receiving executive advice that could help you change your life, you would also collaborate with a group of people who are supportive of your endeavors. Furthermore, it can be a significantly more affordable option.

How it all works is as follows:

Group coaching, according to Meredith Haberfeld, an executive, career, and life coach with the Institute of Coaching, “is about blowing up the attitudes that keep you tied to work you’re not happy doing and then giving you the tools to get clarity about what you’re hungry for.”

Coaching Group

According to her, this method provides a support system for navigating the risks and inevitable setbacks of exploring unchartered territory. Instead of going it alone, you can collaborate with others who can provide encouragement and support. You can also encourage your colleagues to do the same, and you can all work towards a common goal.

This type of advice “will provide you with a peer group of other ambitious, accomplished individuals who, like you, hope and believe that work can be reimagined in such a way that it is both richly satisfying and profitable,” according to Haberfeld.

This method may be less expensive for you in terms of money.

This method also has the advantage of being significantly less expensive than individual coaching. An hour of personal coaching costs a few hundred dollars, while a month of group coaching costs only a few hundred dollars. This is a fantastic deal, especially when you consider what you get in return. You can completely alter the course of your life.

Haberfeld’s group coaching program is conducted entirely over the phone, with hour-long calls recorded once a week for a total of 90 hours over 90 days. Each team has between eight and twelve members, which allows each member to receive individualized attention while working toward a more fulfilling life for themself. It can also help to build a sense of camaraderie among members of the team. More information about Haberfeld’s 90-day group coaching program can be found by visiting this page.